Friday, 17 July 2009

Devildriver - Pray For Villains [9/10]

I....I'm absolutely speechless. And trust me, seldom am I lost for words. This is fucking brilliant. Excuse my French, but there really is absolutely no other way to describe it.
Now, I love metal and always will. These days however, my musical horizons have broadened somewhat and I find myself more so compelled to listen to Miles Davis or Don McLean than Anthrax or Slayer. I often blame this on the sad realisation that the vast majority of the metal I love is, at the very least, 10 years old, and I often struggle to find a modern metal album that I can listen to from start to finish without becoming distracted. But there are certain albums that come along once in a blue moon that you just can't ignore. And by the power of Greyskull, Pray For Villains is one of them. A genuine pearl amongst the pleghm of the modern metal scene.
From the very second the opening riff from the title track kicks in to the grooving climax of the final notes of 'I See Belief', this record forces you into a relentless transfixion of White Zombie infused groove, double kick drumming to make Joey Jordison blush and, behind it all, the mighty roar of Mr. Bradley James Fafara (that's Dez Fafara for those not in the know/without access to Wikipedia). And try as you might, you have absolutely zero chance of breaking out. Every last riff, every last beat, every last Fafara-ian bellow - this record never stops. The melodic darkness of 'Ressurection Blvd.', the crushing weight of 'Pure Sincerity', and 'Back With A Vengeance' has so much swing and swagger it practically has it's own ballsack.

I could sit here for the entirity of this weekend talking about this album and I wouldn't do it a single bit of justice. Whether you're a metalhead, an all genre lover like myself, or just have a passing interest in metal, you need this album.
No, not "You need to hear this album" - You NEED this album.

Devildriver are a band that have improved on all levels with each record. The fact that this is only album No. 4 and the pattern shows no signs of breaking is genuinely scary to me.
If you have any sense, go and buy this album. Download it. Steal it. Whatever. Just get it.
As one Mr. Terry Bezer said to me earlier today - "You'll be glad you did."

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