Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello Blogger, it's been a while.

According to my log in page, I last used this glorious thing (essentially just an ego-bin for one's self) in July. Needless to say, it's been a while. I could give you some overblown and self appreciative reason about why this is, but in all honesty I just forgot I even signed up. Nontheless, recent events have inspired me to pick all this back up. They say significant events come in three's, and I guess they're right. In this case, they came like this:

The Big Four

It finally happened. Just a few weeks ago. Metallica. Megadeth. Slayer. Anthrax. All on one fucking bill! When this announcement came through, my balls nearly exploded. I've been waiting for this since before I had pubic hair. Whether you like the bands or not, you'd have to be an idiot to doubt just how monumental this is. Did you ever think it'd happen? Of course you didn't, you can stop talking right now. A year ago, the idea of this happening was inconceivable. Ego's would surely get in the way, Megadeth wouldn't want to support Metallica, how would the ordering go?, etc, etc. But low and behold, there it was. One fine crystal evening, the poster was right there in front of my eyes. Had I not been so overcome with excitement, i'd have surely cried. There are those who argue that it's not such a big deal simply because each band tour fairly consistently (aside from Anthrax, who don't even officially have a singer at the time of writing). These people are stupid, and are in dire need of a smack. On this day, all of the bands in question are going to be competing against eachother. They all have the chance to prove why they're part of The Big Four. You're going to be getting different animals on this day, ladels and jellybeans, this ain't no Monday morning fuck around. I don't care that it's in Poland. If I had to walk there I still wouldn't care. I'm going to be there, and no exams, birthdays or disabilities will stop me. And it's going to be fucking incredible.

James 'The Rev' Sullivan - R.I.P.
I coul
dn't believe it when I heard, and in all honesty i'm still struggling to believe it now. He was 28 years old guys. Twenty fucking eight. I don't care what his choice of lifestyle was, that is no age at all. It especially stung for me - I had the oppertunity to see them at Thonisphere, but chose to keep my space in the crowd for Metallica, theorising that i'd get to see them on their own tour. How wrong I was. This guy wasn't ill. He was alive and kicking, working on a new A7X album, an album that was going to push them up to arena level as far as I was concerned. One day i'm listening to Avenged's self titled, thinking about how much I can't wait for the new one. The very next day, i've got a text on my phone telling me about this. I didn't know how to react in all honesty, I was just confused. I can't bare to think how his bandmates must've felt. It said alot to me about how precious life is, at a time when I really needed something to come along and help me find happiness again. I sincerely hope they eventually get it together and carry on though. They're one of the most succesful metal bands of recent times (and if you're about to come in with your "DER NOT TEH METULZ" bollocks then you can fuck off) and to give it up now would be a huge waste. I'd like to think that as a founding member, Jimmy would want them to carry on. There's nothing i'd like more than to see them come back and just explode. And if they do, it'll happen, trust me. Arena tours, number 1 albums, Christmas singles. Maybe not the last one, but that'd be awesome wouldn't it? Make it happen.

Just when I
thought a year where i'll be seeing KISS, AC/DC, The Big Four, Iron Maiden and Rammstein couldn't get any better, this beautiful beautiful thing happened. It'd been on the cards for a while, I know, but there'd been no hints at it whatsoever. In fact, there'd been several reports where the idea was shot down entirely. But nope. I return home on New Year's Day 2010 (ie. today), and my hangover is instantly cured. Straight from the horse's mouth (that being Cornell. But Cornell's not a horse, he's a beautiful man), Soundgarden are fucking back together. There's not a whole lot more I can say on this, except that i'm over the bloody moon. Although, I have a few requests.
1: No festival shows please. Do a real tour.
1 cont.: If it is a festival though, don't do Download.
2: A new album.
2 cont.: Please!

Needless to say i'm looking forward to 2010. Thank you for reading my selif-indulgent tripe, I genuinely appreciate it.

R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan. Awesome drummer, awesome songwriter. I'll listen to your records until the day I die.

Soundgarden! Get the duck in, motherhookers!

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