Monday, 14 March 2011

letlive. - a band you can truly believe in

I’ll keep this short as I possibly can, Ladles and Jellyspoons, but I can’t promise I won’t get carried away with pure, unadulterated excitement as I gush about the best band to come around for years. There’s a revolution coming. And its name is letlive.

I won’t bore you with a back story. I only need to tell you that letlive. are the most important band in the world right now. Theirs is a genre that is slowly becoming saturated to the point of ridicule. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that in some respects, heavy music as a whole is suffering from a tiresome recycling routine. We have needed a band to come along and grab the scene by its massive, egotistical, elitist bollocks and demand we pay attention for far too long. Enter: letlive. This is a band whose ethos borders on gospel – a true grassroots phenomenon that is threatening to become a virus. There’s finally something in music in the 21st century that we can truly believe in. Want proof? Then get hold of a copy of this modern day masterpiece.

One listen to Fake History is all the proof you need to feel that letlive. are something genuinely special. Every song flows seamlessly in and out of each other, as some of the most brutally infectious melodies you’ll ever hear infiltrate your mindframe and intertwine with the beautiful wall of stomach-churning post-hardcore riffs, Latin influenced drums and wonderfully subtle Flamenco style bass lines, all tossed up with the hip-hop swagger, evocative lyrics and piercing screams of the figurehead of this musical rebellion, Jason Aalon Butler. It’s the kind of genre-defying landmark in heavy music that hasn’t truly been seen in decades.

Mediocrity does not exist in the world you occupy in the 45 minutes of this album. Instead you’re engulfed in the sound of prosperity. The sound of change. The sound of the future. I don’t mean to go all Obama on you, but it’s the truth – letlive. are the way forward in a musical landscape which is slowly coming to a standstill. If you can’t put your faith in this band, then you can’t put your faith in anything. Fake History will be re-released on Epitaph Records on 12th April 2011. If you feel like you’re ready for the letlive. experience, this band could change your fucking life.

For fans of: Glassjaw, Refused, At The Drive-In


  1. Great review! And I agree all the way. I'm unbelievably excited to follow the progress of this band, and I already cannot wait for a second album.

  2. fuck yea. great bands listed as "for fans of" as well!

  3. Cheers for the feedback guys. I'd owe you both a million quid if you could spread the word about my blog - and spread the word about this awesome band of course ;D